Third Day of Vacation - May 20, 2012

Sunday morning was our last morning in Seattle before heading off to board our ship.  I had seen a sculpture of a potted plant the previous day that made me think of my aunt, who can grow anything!, and I wanted to get a picture of it.  (This one is for you, Joann!)

We decided to walk back down to Pike Place Market because we hadn't visited any of the lower shops.  During our research, we had learned about a place at the market that made it's own cheese and served world famous macaroni and cheese, using their homemade cheese of course!  We got there in time to watch some cheese being made. 

cheese being made
We walked around more of the shops, and discovered a used book store that we couldn't resist ducking into.  I convinced Sandra to get a copy of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, and I found a Val McDermid book I hadn't read, The Distant Echo

I also wanted to go back to visit Fran's Chocolates, which we had discovered the previous day.  So when we left the market, we headed that way.  I bought a 9-piece box of truffles, then we headed back to the hotel to get ready to catch our noon shuttle to the ship.  The weather had been awesome since we arrived, but alas, it was not to last.  It turned rainy Sunday morning, and stayed that way all day.  Fortunately, the night before we had gone back to the park in the Queen Anne neighborhood for a final look at the city skyline. 

The rain didn't damper our spirits though, because we were excited to finally be boarding the Oosterdam!  It was a relatively painless process dropping off our bags and going through security.  Then we were off to the gangway to board the ship.

We dropped our carry on bags off in our room, checked out what our space for the next week would be, and then were off to explore the ship!  I decided at the spur of the moment to make an appointment at the salon later that evening after dinner to get my hair cut and highlighted.  As we were leaving port, we got a final look at the Space Needle and another cruise ship getting ready to leave the dock behind us. 

Foggy Seattle


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