Fourth and Fifth Days of Vacation - May 21 and 22, 2012

Monday was a day at sea as we made out way north from Seattle.  The day was rainy and we mostly used the day to putter and learn our way around the ship.  The most exciting thing we did on Monday was attend a wine tasting.  Sandra and I take our places at the table, and waiters come around and add wines to our glasses.  There is also a plate with a sampling of cheeses for each of us.  Then Master Zoltan arrives.  He starts talking about wine, and as we move to taste the first of the five wines, he is working his way down this LONG list of attributes.  Sandra and I are looking at each other thinking, "What in the world have we gotten ourselves into?!?"  We finally get the point where we take a sip.  Then he has us try a specific type of cheese on our plate, then try another sip.  We were amazed at the difference in taste when you added that bite of cheese to the mix!  We ended up having a fabulous time.  That may or may not be attributed to the amount of wine we drank!

On Tuesday, we were scheduled to cruise up Tracy Arm.  We picked up a boat pilot somewhere along the way, who determines how far up the arm it is safe for the ship to go.  It turns out not so far in Tracy Arm.  There was quite a bit of ice in the water, so a decision was made for us to turn around and go up Endicott Arm instead.

Tracy Arm in the background

You can see the ice in the water from the calving of the iceberg


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