Blogtoberfest 2012 - Day 4 - Parents Are on There Way!

My parents are about 2 hours or so away from Arlington and will be here soon!  I am really looking forward to their visit.  I'm still not sure what we'll do, but who cares, as long as we are doing it together!

I'm sitting at my computer looking out the window at some sort of police activity on I-395 north.  There must be an accident, although I can't see what it is.

Oh my gosh!  I just stepped out on the balcony to see if I could get a better look at what is happening, and I glanced over to the bird feeder I have hanging on the balcony, and doggone if there wasn't a bird perched there just looking at me!  If I had reached out my arm, I think I could have touched it!  I stood there for a couple of minutes, occassionally glancing over at the bird, who would look back at me.  What a neat experience!  I wish my camera would have been in my pocket so I could have taken a picture.  Instead, you'll have to settle for one I took from inside the apartment a couple of days ago.  The picture I'm including is of the same type bird that I just saw.  I still can't believe the little thing didn't fly as soon as I started to open the sliding glass door! 


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