Blogtoberfest 2012 - Day 27 - Landmark Honda

Today I had an appointment to take my Honda Pilot in to have the air conditioning checked at Landmark Honda in Alexandria.  It wasn't blowing cold air.  Sean was my team leader.  It turns out the air conditioning problem was apparently user error and not a problem with the vehicle.  While I was there I decided to talk about scheduling an appointment to have my timing belt replaced.  I'm pretty far past the time frame it's recommended to have it replaced.  Sean offered to have the work done today, but I told him I had a commitment to be somewhere at 2 PM and had no other way to get around.  He had told me once before that the job takes quite a while to complete.  Sean offered to set me up with a rental from Enterprise for the day.  I had previously called two other auto repair shops to get estimates for the job, and the dealership offered the best deal.  So how could I say no?!?  My Honda now has a new timing belt, water pump, and drive belt.  I should hopefully be set for a while!


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