Windsor, Bath & Stonehenge

One of my favorites sites I visited was during a day trip I took with Gray Line Tours.  We visited Windsor, Bath and Stonehenge.  Windsor is the castle where the Queen hangs out on the weekends when she wants to get out of the city.  Bath is a World Heritage Site that has been in existence for over 2,000 years.  The official website for Bath has pictures much better than any I took there!  You can visit their website at

Stonehenge is believed to be have been erected around 3100 BC.  It is also a World Heritage Site.  It was definitely my favorite site that we visited.  We arrived not long before sunset and as I strolled around the site, the word that came to my mind was mystical.  I actually looked "mystical" up in my Oxford American Dictionary after I got back home, and it is defined as "having a spiritual significance that goes beyond human understanding".  I'd say that sums it up rather well. 


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