Lack of Sleep

Last night I woke up about 3 AM.  Between the excitement about the new job and the thoughts of everything I need to do in the near future to prepare to relocate tumbling through my head, I couldn't get back to sleep.  I puttered around the house and on the computer for a while, then finally went ahead and got ready and went on to the office.

I left work a little early today to meet a handyman who was taking care of a few things at the house for me.  Before he left, we made arrangements for him to return on Saturday at 10 AM to finish the work he started Friday.  I planned to be at Tampa Hondaland at 7 AM Saturday morning to have some work done on the Pilot, which I was told would take about an hour and a half.  I figured that would give me plenty of time to be home by 10.  After the handyman left, I was reading on the couch and dozed off.  I sometimes fall asleep on the couch and have often spent the entire night there.

I woke up and looked at the clock and it said 7:15.  I panicked because I was supposed to have been at Tampa Hondaland at 7 so I could be sure and be home by 10 to meet the handyman.  I was rushing around the house changing clothes (I was still in my work clothes from Friday), gathering reading material and feeding the cats their breakfast.  I called the service manager I had spoke with at Tampa Hondaland and left a voice mail for him that I had overslept and was preparing to head to the dealership and asked him to call me if it I needed to reschedule since I had missed my planned appointment time. 

I threw my stuff in the car and went to grab the paper to take with me, but there was no paper in the driveway.  I was confused about why the paper wasn't there and popped my head around the front of the house to check to see if a neighbor might have moved the paper to the front door.  At that point the lightbulb started to switch on, and I slowly came to the realization that it was 7:30 PM on Friday, and NOT 7:30 AM on Saturday!

I called the service manager's number and left a follow up voice mail saying I hoped he got as much of a chuckle out of my first message as I ended up getting once I realized it was Friday night and not Saturday morning and that I would be at the dealership at the planned time on Saturday.

It just shows what affect the lack of sleep can have on you!  And those darn cats of mine....I had just fed them supper about 5 PM, and they sat there and scarfed up the "breakfast" I put out for them like they hadn't eaten in days, the little rascals!

I plan to make sure I am IN the bed before I fall asleep tonight with the alarm clock set! 


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