Heart racing start to the morning!

This morning started out normal.  Woke up, brushed teeth, fed cats.  I'm roaming the house still a bit groggy.  I decided to check out my guest bath to see what needed to be done to spruce it up as I am leaving for London today and a friend is staying with the kids.  I flipped on the hallway light outside the bathroom, and I see this HUGE frog sitting by my bathroom sink!  The heart rate spikes as I try to think of a way to get the frog from INSIDE the house to OUTSIDE the house!  I grab a big box I have in the garage and try to herd the frog into the box.  It really wasn't interesting in going in the box.  It preferred to climb my bathroom mirror, then proceed to the tub to climb the tiled wall.  I'm using one of the kids toys (a stick with a feather on it - I'm using the stick end) to get the frog in the box.  I finally get it in the box and start to carry it to the front door.  The next thing I know, the frog takes a big leap OUT of the box and I have a frog hanging onto the vertical blinds at the back of the house leading from the family room to the lanai.  It leaps to the floor and heads towards the master bedroom.  I decide to open the sliding glass doors and try to herd it out that way.  I open the door, and Dublin starts heading that way.  I grab the cat, toss him in the master bedroom in part to keep the cat in and also to keep the frog out.  The frog is hunkered down under a Pier One bookcase near the sliding glass doors.  I manage to use the cat toy stick to convince the frog to hop OUT the door.  Once I get him outside, I feel bad that it's in an enclosed screened area, so I try to get it in the box again so I can put it outside the screened lanai.  Again, the frog was not interested in going in the box.  It started climbing the wall of the house.  I finally manage to get it off the wall, then it ends up under the outdoor sofa I have on the lanai.  At that point I gave up and settled for having the frog OUTSIDE the house!

I'm still trying to figure out how a frog practically the size of my fist managed to get in the house.  That's a mystery I anticipate will never be solved.  I think it must have been here for at least a couple of days, because I remember seeing the cats hanging out in the guest bath more than they usually do.  I think they knew about our house guest long before I did, but didn't bother to share that information!  From now own I will definitely pay more attention when the cats start spending time in an area of house that they previously hadn't expressed much interest in!  I wish I'd had the presence of mind to take a picture of the frog before I evicted him.  Instead I had to settle for a piece of clip art to represent our unexpected guest! 


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