Third Day in London

My days have been filled with seeing the sites. Yesterday I did a London Walks walking tour of Westminster Abbey and then spent the afternoon at the British Museum, where I had afternoon tea. I will add a picture of the goodies I had after I get back home (I haven't figured out how to add pictures using my iPad yet!). I pretty much closed down the museum, then walked through Chinatown.

Afternoon tea picture added!

Today I toured the state rooms at Buckingham Palace. These are only open during certain times of the year when the Queen is on holiday. I was fortunate to be here during that time! I got to see the royal Faberge collection, which was a lot more than just eggs! I also got to see Kate's wedding dress (sorry no pictures allowed inside the palace!). After visiting the Palace, I went to London Tower and had my picture taken with one of the Beefeaters (a female Beefeater, no less!). I saw the Crown Jewels, where Sir Walter Raleigh was imprisoned for 13 years, and where scores of people who got their heads chopped off were held prior to the beheading.

I had several stops I wanted to make this afternoon, one of the most important being a stop at the Apollo box office to check on getting a ticket to see Wicked. It is my favorite musical. I got a great seat for the Friday evening show. That should be a stellar way to spend my last night in London!

I also did some shopping at a store called Argo's. My flat iron doesn't seem to want to work here using the adapter. It comes on, but doesn't heat up. So I decided to pick up an inexpensive flatiron that I can use during this trip and any future European trips! Argo's is like a department store back home, but the way you get your merchandise is pretty cool. Space is obviously at a premium in London. There is a relatively small storefront with stations containing catalogs of the store's merchandise. You pick the item(s) you want, place your order on a touch screen computer, then pay. When you pay, you are assigned a number. There is a waiting area where you wait until your number is called, which means your order is ready for you to pick up at the counter. Pretty neat!

After catching a breather back at "home", I headed off to Charing Cross Road to visit Foyle's Bookstore. A friend back home wanted a copy of the first Harry Potter book, which is called Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone instead of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone like it is in the states. I picked up Jo Nesbo's most recent novel for the trip back to the U.S. I had a traditional fish and chips dinner before calling it a night.

I haven't decided exactly what I'm going to see on Wednesday. But on Thursday, I think I'll do a Grayline tour to Stonehenge, Windsor, and Bath. So much to see, and so little time to see it in!


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