Intro to Library Administration

I made it through the first week of my Intro to Library Administration class.  I had been more than a bit intimidated by the amount of reading we have to do, but fortunately even though it's a lot, it isn't real technical or difficult reading.  I am actually feeling pretty good about the class so far.  My professor expects more interaction on the discussion boards than my previous instructors.  But so far, it hasn't felt like a chore.  I actually come across an article from the Wall Street Journal and a post from a blog I follow on Google Reader that fit in rather nicely with the topics we are discussing this week on the discussion board.  I hope that trend holds out through the semester!

I am still managing to find some time to do a little recreational reading.  I allow myself 2 chapters a night while I'm soaking the days trials and tribulations away in my huge garden tub.  Dublin is still fascinated by the bubbles from the bubble bath.  He almost fell in the other night, but ended up only getting one back paw wet.  I should try to keep a camera close by, cause it's probably just a matter of time before he ends up all the way in the tub with me!  I just hope I don't end up with any scars if that happens!

I'll be heading off to my trip to London soon.  I settled on the following guides to take with me on my trip:  Rick Steve's Pocket London; Knopf Mapguides London; and Frommer's Day by Day.  I am also taking a Mapeasy London map with me.  I have used those in Washington DC and in Paris and found them useful.  I can hardly wait to go! 


  1. When are you going to London? I've always wanted to go there.

  2. When?
    Are you going to blog from there?

    You were in one of my dreams last night so I thought I'd better check in and see what you are up to :)


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