Eureka cancelled

I just recently learned that Eureka, one of my favorite shows on the Syfy channel, is being cancelled.  The show can be over the top sometimes, but I find it very entertaining.  I will admit that I had a hard time swallowing the first episode when a U.S. Marshal got nabbed to be sheriff in a small town.  Like that type of "reassignment" would ever really happen! 

I am curious to see how they wrap up the current story line and what they do for the series finale.  I hope Jo and Zane get back together for good and live "happily ever after!" 

There is a new show coming soon, although I'm not sure what channel it is on.  It has to do with fairy tale characters who are living in a small town somewhere, and I don't think they know who they really are.  Picture Snow White working in a small town bakery!  There might be some potential to that show!


  1. I love Eureka too! It will be so sad to see it go after next season.

    The new show is Once Upon a Time on ABC.


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