Early Morning

The other morning I had the luxury of being able to sleep in since I had the day off.  It's pitch dark outside, and I find myself gradually waking up to the sound of.....jingle, jingle....silence......jingle, jingle.....silence.....jingle, jingle.....silence.  I get out of bed and stumble into the family room to find Pepper enjoying herself with one of her toys.....a plastic ball with a bell in it!

Now I'm a big believer in getting the most out of life and enjoying playing with your toys, but at 5:15 AM, I'm not as tolerant as I might be during the light of day!  Anyway, I confiscated the ball, took it back to bed with me and stuffed it under my pillow until I was ready to get up.  And don't feel bad for Pepper, she's got plenty of toys to play with that DON'T have a bell in them!

And this isn't all of them!


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