Warren Wilson College Trails

Today the Sole Sisters hiked trails on the property of Warren Wilson College, which is located just east of Asheville.  There was still some snow and ice on the trail, but not enough to make us reconsider the hike!  I am REALLY glad I picked up a pair of waterproof boots from the Frugal Backpacker.  The snow we got over the weekend was a great test of their effectiveness.  And I'm happy to report, they are indeed waterproof!  Go Auhu's!

Mini-me's Pepper and Dublin tagged along on this hike!  I had mentioned them to another lady in the group, and she suggested I bring them along.  So I did!

We even saw some other unusual denizens along the trail!  It's always a fun time hanging out with my new friends from the Asheville Newcomers Club!


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