The Cat Sitter's Pajamas

How could I not be drawn to the title of Blaize Clement's most recent Dixie Hemingway mystery The Cat Sitter's Pajamas?!?!  I had read the first several books of this series some time ago (she is up to number 7 in this particular series), but must have had my attention drawn elsewhere or my interest just petered out.  I am usually more than a tad bit OCD about reading books in a series in the order in which they were written.  I'm glad I didn't let that stop me when I saw this book on the new book rack at the Shirlington Branch library!  I enjoyed it so much that I'm seriously thinking it's time to go back and read the books I missed.

Dixie Hemingway is a former deputy who lost her husband and daughter in a tragic traffic accident.  She left the force and ended up becoming a pet sitter.  She lives in Florida on the west coast a bit south of where I used to live in Tampa.  It's fun to read about an area that I've been to, and to read about her pet sitting clients.  For me the writer offers insights into things I hadn't thought about before.  I was just telling my dad earlier tonight when we were chatting on the phone how I really enjoy a book that makes me think and that makes me laugh.  This book did both.

My favorite quote from the book:
Animals may be the only creatures on earth who are content with being who they are.

I've always said that my cats sure make life look good!


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