Happy New Year!

I took last week off and went to North Carolina to visit mom and Sid.  I had a great time spending Christmas with them.  My aunts and uncle came for a visit the day after Christmas. I am working my way through the homemade cookies my aunts made for me!  Yummy!

I am very excited about the teleconversion lens I got for Christmas for my Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ200!  I didn’t get to use it on any deer, who either came around before Santa arrived and were WAY off in the distance or when we were in the car and I didn’t have a camera ready to aim.  But on Christmas Day, we went for a really neat drive on some back roads and I did get pictures of some other animals and scenery. 

Our drive took us across a one-lane bridge with no railings that really wigged me out!  The water seemed to practically be lapping up over the road (not that it actually did, it just seemed like it could!).  I couldn’t resist stopping to take some pictures, and even had Sidney take some pictures of me on the bridge!
I drove back to Arlington on Friday.  The drive back always seems a little harder than the drive there for some reason.  Saturday it snowed.  I enjoyed watching the really big flakes as they fell, and was happy it wasn’t cold enough for it to lay.
I've mostly been hanging out with the kids since I got back, although I did go back to work yesterday.  I'm off today for New Year's, but then back to a "normal" schedule after that, if there is such a thing!


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