Classes have started!

Today was the official beginning of my Collection Development class at USF and the online photography course I'm taking through the Rowdy Kittens blog.  There is a private Facebook group for the photography course, and I am enjoying reading posts from the 40 or so people in the class.

I am a little tired after a busy day at work.  But it's a good sort of tired because I feel like I accomplished a lot today.  I had hoped to leave the office at lunch today with my camera, but I was so busy that I ended up working right through lunch.  The weather in DC is supposed to get progressively better as the week progresses, and by the weekend the temperature should be flirting with 70 degrees!  I think I hear the zoo calling my name!

And speaking of the zoo, tomorrow night I plan to go to my first FONZ (Friends of the National Zoo!) Photography Club.  One of the members is showing pictures from an Alaska trip.  I wish I had some printed out that I could take with me.  Maybe I'll download a few onto a thumb drive and print them out at the CVS near the office!  Here are one of my favorite pictures I took when I was in Alaska last May.

See no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil!


  1. I have forgoten about my Google Reader account for the last few months until now, so I wasn't getting to read your stuff! But my social media class reminded me I have an RSS reader.

    Just think, Col Dev is out last required class! It should be all down hill from here.


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