Visit to the Old Post Office Pavilion

Today Marc and I walked to the Old Post Office Pavilion for lunch and to go up in the tower to check out the views of D.C.  The views were awesome!

Outside view of the Old Post Office Pavilion Clock Tower

View of the White House

Me with the Washington Monument in the background

View of the Capitol

The taller building is USPS HQs (where I work!)

Going down the stairs from the bell tower

One of the bells in the tower

We bought a couple of cookies and a brownie from Larry's Cookies that we took back to the office with us for dessert.  We split the brownie after we got back.  I can honestly say I've never had a brownie like it before.  Marc and I were both standing there by his desk chewing our browning.  I looked over to him and said, "It doesn't taste like anything."  He said it didn't taste like anything to him either.  We kept wondering how in the world we could eat the brownie, and it taste like nothing.  We couldn't even taste the chocolate in the brownie, even though we could see the chocolate chips.  Talk about weird.  It was nice and moist, and the texture was great, it just didn't have any taste to him.  I told him I felt like I got gypped.  I'm sure there were a lot of calories in that darn brownie, but my taste buds didn't get any enjoyment from it.  Darn.


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