Knocking Things Off the Ole To Do List - Finally!

I had such a laid back Easter weekend, I was almost catatonic.  I have not had much motivation to work on the things I want/need to do.  Last night I finally appear to have managed to turn the tide.  I walked to the library after work to pick up a book I had on hold.  I did laundry.  I reviewed/edited the group paper my group mates and I wrote and posted my recommended changes to the group discussion board.  I emailed my professor with my proposed topic for my research paper, which she approved already!  I even found time to read a little in the Susan Hill novel I started a couple of days ago.

Today I reached out for a pet sitter that I hope to use to watch the kids whenever I travel, Aupurr Cat Care.  I found them on Angie's List.  Not only do they have a quirky name I like, but they also have excellent reviews from customers.  I took a break during the day today at work and walked down to the rear of the Smithsonian Castle, which is very close to my office.  Life is good!  I walked to the library again after work to pick up yet another book I had on hold.  I did some dusting and cleaning in the bathroom.  Hopefully I can keep this momentum going!


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