It's been a while since I've made the time to post to my blog, and I plan to do better.  It seems like it's been a hectic couple of weeks.  The last week of March I attended a "summit" for work.  That was government speak for somewhat like training and somewhat like conference!  The last day of the summit, mom and Sid arrived from North Carolina.  We had a fantastic long weekend together.  Saturday morning we visited the Alexandria Farmer's Market, then walked around Old Town.  After returning to the apartment, we took several afternoon walks exploring my neighborhood.  The weather was just perfect. 

On Sunday we headed south to Woodbridge and visited the shops at Potomac Mills.  We also went to a local Wegman's supermarket there.  I told Sid everyone should visit a Wegman's at least once in their lives!  We bought a tripleberry crumb pie that we ate on for the next several days!

Monday we visited the National Aquarium in Baltimore (separate post with pictures!).  I think I enjoyed that excursion the most of everything we did.  I think mom and Sid did too.  Sometimes it's difficult to find things to do that engage her.  Her cognitive abilities are in a steady decline.  She can't always follow conversations very well.  I worry about her getting bored.  She loves to putter around outside, and there really isn't any place for her to do that now that I'm living in an apartment.  I was glad the weather was nice enough for us to be able to take walks, because that she loves to do.

On Tuesday we ran a few errands, but mostly took it easy since we knew we'd be getting up early on Wednesday.  Me to go back to work, and mom and Sid to head back home.  I had really been missing a corn plant I had when I lived in Tampa.  I didn't have room to bring it with me when I moved.  So Tuesday I made some phone calls and found a garden center in Fairfax that said they had corn plants!  We went to visit, and there were so many plants there it was overwhelming!  All I got was the corn plant, but I want to go back and try to find a couple of plants that I can take to work with me to brighten things up in my cube. 



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