Library of Congress

I may have received some disappointing news this week, but not everything was a disappointment.  I finally managed to get to the Library of Congress and I got my reader card!  As you can see, I have been verified!  It was a short two-stop metro ride from my office to the metro stop right near the Madison Building.  The Library of Congress is actually in three buildings, the Madison, Adams, and Jefferson buildings.  The majority of the books I will probably want to use are in the Adams building.  You can't check books out of the Library of Congress, you can only use them there.  As an alternative, this weekend, I visited the George Mason University Library in Fairfax and got a Library Passport card so I can use their four university libraries.  I checked out 8 books while I was there for a group project for my class and to hopefully get some ideas for a topic for a research paper.  I'm allowed to check out 10 books at one time, which should be more than enough for my purposes.  I don't recall ever checking out that many books from the USF Library at one time.

After I visited the campus library, I ran a few errands before I headed back home.  Once I got home, I chilled for a while and watched the birds at the bird feeder.  I have got to get a bird book so I can figure out what kinds of birds are visiting!

The signs of spring have definitely arrived.  Pretty flowers are appearing to the side of the road and the trees are starting to blossom.  I can't wait till the cherry blossoms are in full bloom around the tidal basin.


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