I abhor my current class

I am taking Organization of Knowledge this semester, which is long way of saying cataloging.  This class has the potential to be a VERY interesting and fun class, but the professor I have has made it into the most boring, laborious, painful endeavor I've had the displeasure to be in since I started at USF.  We have a reading list that seems like it's 10 miles long.  There are 2 text books we read from.  There are typically 2 powerpoint presentations each week for us to review, along with 5-10 additional readings from journals and the like, some rather lengthy.  The professor only uses the Discussion Boards if you have a question.  So it's read, read, read, read, homework, read, read, read, read, homework, read, read, read, read, group project, read, read, read.....I'm sure you get the picture.  I am desperate for this class to be OVER WITH. 


  1. I hated that class! I took it last semester with Dr. Niu. I hated how much effort you put into the homework for only 6 points. And the reading list was way to long. Oh, and the group project! I hated that gods damn group project! You can read my complainings on it over at my blog.

  2. Luckily, I have a good group and our group project is going well. I have your blog set up on my RSS feed (or whatever you call the darn thing!), and enjoy reading your posts and hear of your trials and tribulations! I think it helps to know you are not in the boat all by yourself, although I'm sure we don't wish what we go through on anyone else!


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