In the Middle of Long Weekend

I had a dentist appointment yesterday morning, so I took the day off.  It ended up being an absolutely stellar day!  I had a great check up at the dentist, then decided to run a few errands.  I usually hate running errands and shopping on the weekends because everything is so crowded.  Since it was a Friday morning, the crowds were non-existant.  Bonus points for me! 

I started out at PetSmart for cat litter.  The 31-pound boxes were on sale, so I loaded up with 6!  I still haven't unloaded all the suckers from the car yet.  Fortunately, I have a small dolly which will help make the task not so daunting.  Next came Barnes and Noble, where I wanted to look for a pocket-size tour guide book for Seattle.  Sandra and I will have a little over a day and a half in Seattle in May before we hop on our Holland America cruise ship to tour the Alaska inside passage.  I not only found a book on Seattle, I found one about Alaska cruises and the ports there that I couldn't resist!

After leaving Barnes and Noble, I walked across the parking lot to the AT&T Wireless store where I picked up a bluetooth for Sidney.  Now I just have to find a box to send it to him in!  Then I was off to the Fashion Centre Mall at Pentagon City.  I had a couple of coupons that seemed to be burning a hole in my pocket! 

First I was off to the Papyrus Store, where I found some beautiful greeting cards and boxed cards.  Then I headed off to the Coach Store.  I ended up falling in the love with the rich red interior of their Maggie bag.  With a 25% off coupon, I just couldn't resist.  I have several smaller Coach purses and wristlets that I carry on special occassions, but I've always wanted to have a larger bag that I could carry on a daily basis.  Now I have it!

On my way out of the mall, I made one last stop at the Godiva store.  One of the guys working there was drizzling chocolate on a skewer of sliced bananas and strawberries.  It looked yummy, but VERY large, so I settled for a fruit cup instead.  It wasn't as intimidating looking as the skewers! 

As I was heading home, I stopped by the library to return a few items, and pick up a few more. After returning home, I finished the library book I was reading, Ian Rankin's The Impossible Dead.  Then I actually managed to get a bit of work done for my class at school.  Definitely a wonderful day.  And the weekend is only getting better.  I'm meeting Karen at the Athena Pallas restaurant for lunch today, then we are off to the Botanic Gardens in D.C.  There is an orchid exhibit going on now that we are both interested in seeing.  This is her last weekend in town.  Her detail is ending on March 9th.  That's the same day that I have guests arriving from Tampa.  I am looking forward to being a tourist that weekend with my friends!  The weather has been unseasonably warm, so they might even get to see some cherry blossoms while they are here!


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