Seems like a long week

Both yesterday and today I have felt really drained by the time I got home from work.  My work days have not been longer or stressful, so I'm not sure what's up with that!  Maybe I'm just learning so much new stuff that my brain is aching from trying to process it all!  I am REALLY enjoying the new job, and the people I work with are great.  I've always thought the people make the place, so I am fortunate. 

I had planned to watch the State of the Union address last night, and I did see the beginning.  However, Dublin and I dozed off on the couch together, so I didn't get to see much!  We woke up about 2 AM and went from the couch to the bed!  That couch of mine is WAY too comfortable!

I am taking Friday off for a couple annual doctor appointments.  My eyes have been bothering me a little at work, so it's a good thing that the eye doctor is one of the one's I have scheduled.  I'm also dropping the Honda off at a local body shop to have some work done.  I will sheepishly admit that I played chicken with a pole in the parking garage at my apartment back before Christmas.  The pole won.  I've been keeping a real close eye on those darn poles ever since.

Hopefully after a nice long weekend, I will be back to my usual bright-eyed and bushy-tailed self by Monday!


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