Productive Day, But Caught a Bug

I had Friday off and was pleased at everything I got accomplished.  I started the day at my new eye doctor's office.  The visit went very well, and for the first year that I can recall since I started wearing glasses, I didn't need a new prescription.  Yeah!  From there I went to a body shop to drop off the Honda to have some repairs made (don't ask!).  I was given a 2012 Buick Enclave with 94 miles on it for a rental.  Hopefully I won't end up needing to drive it much, because I am a little intimidated at driving it!  On my way back to the apartment, I stopped by a local vet that I'm thinking of taking the kids to when it's time for their annual exam for a tour.  Other than a bit of an odor that didn't exactly give me warm fuzzies, I was impressed with the people and the place.  I will stop by one more time before it's time for their annual exams and see if I still smell anything.

I had a little down time before my next appointment to have my annual mammogram done.  That went smoothly.  I had to run back by the body shop when I realized I left the darn garage remote in the vehicle.  I got home, ate a late lunch, then curled up with Pepper and a book.  I dozed off somewhere along the way and came back to consciousness about 5 PM.  I almost wish I hadn't woke up.  I started sneezing to beat the band, got all stuffy, and was having a hard time breathing.  I decided about 7 PM that I was going to be miserable all night if I didn't do something.  I drove to my local Rite Aid and talked to the pharmacist, who recommended some of the really good stuff that you have to get from the pharmacy and show ID for.  She warned me that it might make my blood pressure go up and I might not be able to sleep.  I told her as long as I could breath, I was OK with that!  I had been to the library earlier the day too, so I had lots of reading material, plus 4 DVDs containing Season 2 of Wire in the Blood.  Well, she was right about the sleeplessness.  I ended up watching all 4 DVDs before falling asleep!  I can't help but wonder if I picked up a bug when I was at the hospital where I had my mammogram done.  I feel much better today, but still have a ways to go before feeling normal.   


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