New Toys for the Kids!

This week I discovered Etsy, a website where you can buy homemade things.  I discovered a seller, moderncat, with all kinds of neat looking things for cats.  I ordered some homemade toys, including a set of what they call Bamboleos.  They are wine corks covered with natural cork and fuzzie felt end caps that have organic cat nip in them. 

Pepper also really liked a pink crocheted type toy while Dublin preferred a medium size pink fuzzy ball that he could easily carry around!  I spent $20 on the toys, including shipping, and I have already gotten my money's worth with the entertainment I got this morning from watching the kids having so much fun!  There is another seller on etsy who makes ceramic fountains for cats to drink from.  I'm thinking of getting one of those.  Pepper doesn't seem real thrilled drinking water from a bowl, and I'm thinking she might like the running water.  She does seem fascinated by the kitchen sink for some reason!

Mine, all mine!

Dublin carrying the pink fuzzy ball toy


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