Interrupted Nights Sleep

Last night I went to a reception for a summit I'm attending for work.  I didn't get home until much later than normal, which threw my evening out of whack a bit.  I think I finally went to bed about 11 PM.  Around 1 AM, I hear a racket coming from somewhere in the apartment, and realize that yet again, Dublin managed to get himself shut up in the pantry.  He seems to have found enough to amuse himself for several hours before he started raising a fuss and woke me up.  He ate into one of the bags of cat food on the top shelf.  He nibbled his way into my loaf of bread on the middle shelf.  He knocked other things off shelves.  I'm still not sure how he managed to maneuver around as much as the evidences seems to indicate.  I love my little man, but sometimes he drives me nuts!  How can I stay frustrated with a face like this though?......


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