Today was my first day in London! My flight ran late, but I made it in safe and sound. I took the Gatwick Express from the airport to Victoria Station, then took a cab from there to the townhouse where I am staying. J, my hostess, was attending a workshop, so I met one of her neighbors who had a key for me and gave me a short tour of the house. I met the five resident cats, Jasmine, Athena, Peaches, Sylvester, and Biggles. I have the names down, but am a little unsure who is who for the moment!

After I got settled in, I went exploring. There was some kind of a big organized bike ride through part of the city and some of the roads were blocked off for the bicyclists. It rained part of the afternoon, but I was smart and packed an umbrella. I visited the Churchill War Memorial, the Tate Britian Museum, and Chinatown. I walked by Buckingham Palace, but decided to do the tour later in the week. I also walked by Westminster Abbey and Big Ben.

I haven't decided what I plan to see tomorrow. Right now all I can think about is getting some much needed sleep since I didn't get much on the plane ride over.


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