Coming Together + New Laptop!

The stars seem to be aligning for me and everything is coming together.  I found out Wednesday I did not get the Communications Program Managers job at our HQs in DC.  Part of me was disappointed, but the other part was relieved just to know one way or the other.  My mail fraud trial defendant has signed a plea agreement, so no more scheduled trial.  Now I am concentrating on getting ready for my temporary detail at the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

I am very excited about the detail.  Yesterday I finalized the arrangements for a place to stay.  I will have a corporate apartment in Pentagon City at 1401 Joyce at Pentagon Row.  I would have preferred to be in Old Town Alexandria, but the companies I dealt with could only come up with one option, which was a one bedroom apartment with no balcony that cost more than a two bedroom apartment on the 11th floor with a balcony in Pentagon City.  Since I'll have my car with me while I am there, a 4.8 mile commute compared to a 1.6 mile commute really isn't a big deal!  So the choice was pretty much a no brainer.

Over the weekend I plan to add more pictures from London to my blog and tell of a few more of my adventures while I was there.  I have been so busy between trial prep, preparing to leave for the detail, school work, and taking care of the kids that my good intentions of adding more pictures haven't quite got me there.  Here is one picture I think you might enjoy!  I stayed with a very wonderful lady that I located through a service called At Home In London.  It was the perfect place for me not only because of it's location in South Central London, but also because she had five cats!  This is Biggles, the baby of the family, peering at me from the greenery in the garden of J's townhouse.... 

I am excited about one more thing too.  Yesterday I bought a new laptop to take with me to DC!  I have an old moldy desktop that is actually older and moldier than I realized.  I was checking the specs the other day, and it only has 512 MB of RAM!  That should be telling!  My new laptop is a Dell I17R-6434DBK.  It has a second generation core i5 processor, a 750 GB hard drive and 8 GB of RAM.  I'm not going to know what hit me when I finally get it up and running!   


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