Blogtoberfest 2012 - Day 21 - New Episode of Once Upon A Time

I have to admit that I have not been impressed by this season of Once Upon A Time.  But tonight I changed my mind.  Learning the origins of "Captain Hook" was interesting and I am also very interested to see how the story line evolves.  I remember reading an article about new characters being introduced and some of the older ones not getting as much screen time.  I can honestly say I didn't miss seeing the characters of Mary Margaret and Emma.  I love Ginnifer Goodwin playing Mary Margaret/Snow, but I've always been less than fond of Jennifer Morrison's acting skills (or should I say lack thereof).  I just haven't bought into her character one bit, unlike many of the other characters, such as Meghan Ory's Ruby/Red.  Her story line about the Big Bad Wolf is definitely my favorite so far.  I'm glad I didn't give up after the first episode or two of this season.  The writer's still have the talent to put a unique spin on the fairy tales we've all grown up with.  The twists they include in their story telling reminds of how I felt after seeing Wicked (the musical).  I can honestly say that I will never look at the Wizard of Oz through the same eyes ever again!


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