East African Safari - Lake Naivasha

Post 3 of an unknown number of posts that I'll be making over the next few months as I organize and select my favorites of the over 3,000 photos I took while on safari!!!

On the morning we left Lake Nakuru, we stopped en route at Lake Naivasha for a boat ride.  We saw birds galore, and a pod of hippopotamuses!   

Giant kingfisher

Boat ride!!!


Cormorant with wings spread

Cormorants appear to be having a disagreement about something!


Pied kingfisher

Green heron

Hadada ibis

Loved this shot with four different species of birds (Wally will have to tell us which are which!)

Time for breakfast!


There was a fish eagle hanging out in the trees by the lake.  Our guide threw a fish, which the eagle swooped down to get!  What a sight that was to see!

More hippopotamuses!!!  We didn't get too close, cause they were mostly bigger than our boat!


  1. The bird pictures are fantastic but I bet it was unreal to see a hippo right in front of you in the river! Great photos.
    Lynne x

    1. Thanks, Lynne! The hippos were awesome to see. Those of us in the boat were happy we didn't get any closer than we did. They were BIG!!!


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