I'm Retired!!!!

And I even have the badge to prove it!  I didn't know such a thing existed until my last day at work!

I'm enjoying my first morning at home knowing I don't have to get dressed and brave DC traffic to get to the office.  Fortuitously, my Wall Street Journal delivery started today.  I've always enjoyed reading the paper, especially in the mornings.  But I stopped my previous subscription when it expired because I found I didn't have time to really do justice to it.

I'm planning to go to a BodyPump class at Gold's Gym this morning.  My first BodyPump class in years!  I can't find my work out gloves, so I'm going to treat myself to a new pair at the Sports Authority before class begins.

I have a hair appointment at 2 pm.  It's nice to not have to try and figure out when I'm going to squeeze one of those in!  I used to have to try and get the last appointment of the day so I could go after work since my regular stylist doesn't work on the weekends.  Now I can go see Gretchen any time of day I want!  It is so liberating to say that!

This has been a great week for learning new things.  I learned about the retired USPS badge.  I also learned that the state of Virginia offers a veteran's identification card to residents.  I served in the Army for 3 years, but other than my DD214 (discharge paperwork) and discharge certificate (framed that one!), I don't have anything I can easily carry to show I am a veteran.  I already have the paperwork filled out to get one.  Now I just have to brave the Department of Motor Vehicles to get one!

I also have the paperwork done to join NARPI, the National Association of Retired Postal Inspectors. So thrilled to have joined the retiree ranks!!!


  1. Hope you get everything sorted out okay. Looks like you are making the most of your time now.
    Lynne x


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