Add-on Lenses for the iPhone 6

I’ve been doing some research into add-on lenses available for the iPhone 6.  I had Olloclip lenses for my iPhone 4S but in all honesty, rarely used them.  I probably used the fisheye lens the most taking pictures of my cats!

I’ve been looking at the following options:
  • Olloclip
  • Moment
  • Moment
  • Inmacus

I think I’ve been hesitant to make a purchase largely because I didn’t use the lenses I had for my previous iPhone that much.  I also think because I didn’t use the Olloclip lenses that much, it’s made me more open to exploring other options.  I know there’s no logic in that, but that doesn’t stop me from thinking along those lines.

Not long ago I started reading up on the Moment lenses.  The main downside I see to them is a piece you have to attach to your iPhone in order to attach the lenses.  From everything I’ve read, once it’s attached, it’s pretty much attached for good.  I’m nowhere near willing to make that kind of commitment. 

Here are several of the articles I read about add-on lenses:

Earlier today I read the last of the articles referenced above about the Inmacus lenses.  They are running a half price special on their lenses through the end of July.  I’m thinking I just might take the plunge and order the wide angle and the macro lenses.  It’s almost time for Susannah Conway’s The August Break to begin, and it’d be nice to have them to use on my adventures looking for photo ops to match the daily photo prompts she provides.

I’m also thinking of ordering a remote control for the iPhone too.  The one I’m looking at is the CamKix Wireless Bluetooth Camera Shutter Remote.  Amazon has it for $8.99 and it’s rated 4.5 stars (351 reviews).


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