The August Break

Today I was reading one of the blogs that I regularly follow, and I read about an event this month called the August Break. It was started by blogger Susannah Conway.  (Her blog post about The August Break can be found at  She has invited other bloggers to participate in sharing a photograph (or more!) a day (or how often you choose!) during the month of August. No rules; just fun!!! I started visiting the blogs of the more than 400 others who have joined. I was intrigued at the idea and was having fun visiting blogs I’ve never visited before. And since she included a PS saying to feel free to join at any time during August, I decided to join!

I think the event is geared more towards what I would refer to “serious” bloggers, to give them a break from the work they put into their blogs on a regular basis. I do not consider myself one of those! I created my blog for a graduate class I took last year, and was having so much fun with it, that I kept posting to it. It’s more for me and a few family members and friends who actually care at least a little about what I’m up to. But who knows what this blog might turn into some day! So, I hope you enjoy the photos that I’ll be posting daily as part of the August Break!


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