August Break - Day 30

Today I packed up the car and headed southwest to West Jefferson, North Carolina for a visit with mom and Sid.  I decided to take what I'm referring to as "the scenic route" down.  I typically always stay on the interstates (66 west to 81 south).  This time I cut south on 340 off of 66.  It added about an hour to my time, but in my opinion was well worth cutting my time on 81 from over 3 hours to about an hour and a half.  Here are a few sights I saw as I made my way south on 340.

Had to stop for some road work ahead

If I'd been hungry, I would have stopped at Sam's!

Three deer frolicking in a pasture as I drove by

Closer up picture of one of the deer

I saw lots of corn fields

I couldn't help but wonder if these guys were heading to the New Orleans area.
There were about a dozen or more of them heading south on 81 together.

I made it to West Jefferson before 3 PM.  Sid and mom fed me a VERY nice late lunch/early dinner of roast beef, mashed potatoes, broccoli with cheese, and wheat rolls.  Then we spent some time going through boxes of stuff that had been stuffed in the crawl space of their house for years.  We found 2 boxes of pine cones (who knows why?!?), so we had a pine cone tossing contest off the deck!

Sidney may have had the best arm, but mom gave him a run for his money!

I was shocked to see that some of the leaves are already starting to turn.  It's not even September yet!  I find something inherently wrong with that!  But they are beautiful to see.


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