Next Guests Arrived!

Sunday afternoon mom and Sid arrived safe and sound from North Carolina.  They said they had a good drive up, and they definitely made good time!  Monday we planned to visit the National Arboretum.  There was a kink in our plan when we arrived at the gate and learned they were closed due to "unsafe conditions" from the bad storm we had in the DC area Friday night.  We moved on to Plan B, a visit to Theodore Roosevelt Island.  We walked around the entire island.  We saw some interesting critter tracks, but never figured out what they were from.

Me up a tree!  Can you spot me?!?
There I am!
We also saw some interesting birds, including some sort of heron (I think), and a woodpecker!

After we left the Island, we stopped at several overlooks off the George Washington Memorial Parkway, ran a few errands, then headed home for a nap!  


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