Looking Forward to a Quiet Weekend

It is overcast and rainy this morning here in Arlington, VA.  And that suits me just fine.  My last scheduled guests of the summer headed home this past Thursday.  I had a fabulous time exploring DC with them, but between playing tourist and school work, I am ready for a break.  My summer semester ended yesterday.  Now I have five weeks of nothing but recreational reading!

Last night I watched a good part of a Dirty Harry movie marathon.  I haven't been watching much TV (which is the way I prefer it) but it's nice occasionally just to be a vegetable and lay around with Pepper and Dublin and do something entertaining that doesn't require much thought.

I can't believe we are on the tail end of July.  In November I will have lived in Virginia for one year.  As I get older, time seems to go be faster.  I will be eligible to retire before I know it (June of 2015).  I'm going to have to start making a concerted effort to narrow down where I want to live after I retire.  Definitely someplace where the winters are mild!


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