Home Alone with the Kids

This morning mom, Sid, and Adam left to go home to North Carolina.  It seems way too quiet here without them.  Thank goodness for Pepper and Dublin or I'd be a maudlin mess missing the family.  The kids keep me grounded and entertained!

I had a great time this week. After watching the fireworks in DC Wednesday evening, Thursday we were all pretty much worn out so it ended up being a "let's just hang around the apartment and chill" day.

Friday we braved DC again and visited the East Building of the National Gallery of Art and the American History Museum.  We had a late lunch at Ray's Hellburger, then headed over to Wegman's to pick up some groceries.  I told the family everyone should experience a Wegman's supermarket at least once in their lives!  I thought Sidney came up with an excellent description.  He called it the Neiman Marcus of grocery stores!

On Saturday we went to the National Zoo.  It was still VERY hot out, in the 100s for most of the week I think.  I decided to drive to the zoo with the family instead of taking the metro like I usually do.  I didn't realize until I was exploring the Zoo's website that they had onsite parking.  We got there early enough to have no problem getting a spot.  I am now a FONZ as I joined the Friends of the National Zoo while I was there.  Not only do I get to support the zoo, but the membership includes free parking!  I was excited when I learned that.

Red-crested cardinal, which is actually in the tanager family
This coming Friday my next guests arrive from Florida.  Lots to do to get the apartment ready for the next guests, and make sure I'm on track to stay on top of my homework for school.  Only two more week of this semester left.


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