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This morning I finished reading a book I checked out from the Alexandria Library, Enchanted, Inc.  I saw it Thursday night as I was scanning the shelves, the title and book cover caught my eye.  It is the first in a seriest by Shanna Swendson.  I found it a light, entertaining read.  It's about a small-town Texas girl who moves to New York, Katie Chandler.  She's been there for about a year, working as an assistant to a bipolar boss.  She is recruited by MSI, Inc. to work as a verifier.  It turns out she is a truly ordinary person that magic has no affect on whatever.  This is a "talent" the powers that be of Magic, Spells, and Illusions, Inc. can put to good use to make sure no one is pulling the wool over their eyes using magic.  The company is dealing with a crisis so great, they have called former CEO Ambrose Mervyn out of retirement.  Mr. Mervyn turns out to be none other than Merlin from Camelot fame.  One of my favorite characters in the book is Sam, a Gargoyle who works in Security.  I found the book a refreshing and entertaining read and definitely plan to continue reading the series.   


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