The Weekend has Arrived!

Saturday morning has arrived and I am ready for the weekend.  Nothing major planned other than watching the Superbowl on Sunday and trying to get lots of reading done for class (that seems to be the story of my life these days!).  I have a book due at the library today, so I'll definitely make a run over there.  If the weather is nice, I may walk over!  It's definitely within walking distance (one mile), but the area is a bit industrial and I'd only consider walking it during the day.

This week I started reading the second book in a series by S.J. Rozen, Concourse.  I am really enjoying it, and almost managed to finish it last night.  But the kids and I were obviously tired because we all three zonked out on the couch before 9:30 PM.  I remember coming to once and glancing down.  Pepper was curled up nearer my head, and Dublin was sleeping nearer to my feet.  Talk about contentment had by all!  I wasn't nearly as content this morning when a little after 6 AM, Dublin started walking back and forth across me.  Argh!  Thank goodness I am a morning person and actually enjoy getting up early, even if it is the weekend.



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