We Arrived!

This morning Dublin was ready to go before I was.  Pepper, not so much.  She was napping on top of one of the cat trees appearing to use the philosophy that if she ignored me, I'd go away and leave her alone.  It didn't work!  By 10 AM, they were loaded in their cat carriers on the way down to the garage to be loaded in car....then we were off!

It took us a little over 6 hours to make the trip to West Jefferson.  I am very excited because within minutes of being let out of their carriers after we arrived, not only was Dublin down the stairs exploring, but so was Pepper! When we visited for Christmas, it took her till the second day we were here to venture outside the guest room.

Sidney fixed chicken, green beans, whole potatoes, and biscuits for supper, and now I am pleasantly plump!  It's almost 6 PM and it isn't dark yet.  I love it now that the days are getting longer.  In a few more weeks we'll set the clocks forward and it will be light for even longer in the evenings.  I can hardly wait for spring to arrive!  Moving from Florida to Virginia has made me realize anew how much I hate cold weather.  Once I retire, I'm heading someplace warmer!

Ms. Priss claimed the couch pretty doggone fast!
Dublin and his shoestring!


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