Back in Arlington

Yesterday I drove back to Arlington from North Carolina.  The last leg of the trip was pretty brutal.  It was raining hard, and the traffic was heavier than I thought it would be in the early afternoon.  I guess with the weather being so crappy, a lot of people decided to leave work early.  I made it home about 3 PM, quickly unloaded the car, and headed to the library and the grocery store.  That way I knew I could hole up in the apartment the rest of the weekend if I wanted to! 

I'm still behind on my reading for school and tomorrow at 1:30 PM, the rest of my group and I are planning to meet in a group chat room to discuss our group project.  Our topic is Metadata.  We need to come up with an outline and decide who is going to cover what.  There are suppose to be five of us in the group, but I have some doubts about whether one of the girls is even still in the class.  She wasn't in the Elluminate Live session Thursday night.  I shot an email off to her yesterday and one of my other groupmates texted her Thursday night.  I haven't heard anything back yet, so it looks like it may just be the four of us.

This morning was kind of neat.  I was fixing waffles for breakfast, and I happened to glance out the window, and it was snowing to beat the band!  It wasn't cold enough for anything to lay, and before long the sun was back out.  It's overcast now, and I think there is still a high wind advisory out.  I'm glad I ran the necessary errands last night. 

This morning I had another treat to go along with the snow flurries.  When mom and Sid visited last month, Sid mounted a bird feeder for me on one of my balcony railings.  Because I wanted it to be unobstrusive, the way we put it, I wasn't sure any birds would find it.  But they have!  This morning, there were two smaller birds who apparently stopped by for some breakfast!  I am tickled pink that we are getting some activity.  My camera wasn't close and I was afraid I would scare them off if I went to pick it up, so I don't have any pictures yet.  I hope to be better prepared for visitors in the future.


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