The Ramblers

Today I joined the inaugural hike of a new hiking group through the Asheville Newcomers Club called The Ramblers.  We met at the Folk Art Center on the Blue Ridge Parkway and walked north on part of the Mountain to Sea Trail.

Earlier this week, I did a hike with another group called the Sole Sisters.  The Sole Sisters seem to do longer (5-7 miles) and sometimes more strenuous hikes.  The Rambler hikes will typically be a little shorter (3-4 miles) and a bit more laid back.  I think we'll stop to "smell the roses" and observe our surroundings a little more!  Today we hiked about 2 1/4 miles and saw some really neat rock art.

I can't say that the thought of hiking in the winter ever appealed to me.  But I've done two hikes this week when the temperature in the morning was in the 20s.  And both times I walked away from the hikes thinking, "what a perfect day for a hike"!  I'm learning how to layer and what gloves to wear to keep fingers the warmest!  I am very happy that I discovered these hiking groups with the Asheville Newcomers Club.  Joining has definitely been one of the smartest things I've done since I moved here!


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