Laurel River Hike

Last week the Sole Sister's hiking group I'm now a part of headed northwest of Asheville towards Hot Springs to do a hike by the Laurel River.

It was a cold morning, and icicles were hanging along some of the trail!

We saw some very white, weird looking rocks.  I'm not sure why they looked the way they did; but there were interesting to see.

We even saw some rock art!  This seems to be a common occurrence, as I've now seen rock art on two of the four hikes I've been on with the Asheville Newcomer's Club.

The trail followed the Laurel River to where it ran into the French Broad River.  A railroad track runs beside the French Broad.

Here I am by the railroad track bridge that ran over the Laurel River just before it meets up with the French Broad.

On the way back, we saw several train cars up on a hill.  Someone has apparently converted them into their home.  Way cool!!!


  1. What a brilliant hike, I would love to go walking there!
    Yikes, those icicles look lethal.
    Lynne x

    1. I definitely didn't get too close to the icicles, Lynne!


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