FONZ Photography Club Event - June 1st

Last weekend was a blast!  Saturday morning I went to the National Zoo.  The FONZ Photography Club had an event for members at the Andean bear cub exhibit.  We had part of the exhibit area blocked off just for club members to take pictures.  Representatives from Calumet Photography were there with a bunch of rental photography equipment.  I’m currently using a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ200 bridge camera, so I wasn’t interested in the camera bodies and lenses they had available.  Almost all of the other members there were shooting with DSLR cameras.  I only saw one other person using a bridge camera, and she had a Nikon.

I got to the zoo early enough to explore on my own before the photography club event started, so I was able to take pictures of some of the other animals too!

Then it was time to go see the bear cubs.  They were absolutely adorable!!!


  1. I am not the biggest fan of zoos but the animals there look happy and seem to have plenty to occupy them.

  2. Sorry, I also meant to say how good your photographs are, you have captured the animals expressions really well, I love them all!

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures! I have mixed feelings about zoos myself. The National Zoo here in Washington, DC is very active in conservation and preservation of various species, and for that I am grateful. I like that a concerted effort seems to be made to make the habitats as close to what they would be like if the animals were living in their natural habitat.


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