The Old Reader - LOVE IT!

I decided last weekend to try The Old Reader since Google Reader is going away July 1.  I originally tried Feedly, but didn't care for it at all.  I will happily say that I absolutely love The Old Reader!  I think I like it even better than Google Reader, which I never thought I'd here myself say.  I signed up over the weekend, and by Thursday, my feeds from Google Reader had been imported.

I am very selective who I donate money too.  I have several organizations that I support financially, the primary one being the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. They will always hold a special place in my heart because I adopted Pepper and Dublin from there.

That being said, I plan to make a donation to The Old Reader.  When I was thinking of signing up for the service, I did a little background reading about it. About a year ago three friends started The Old Reader, which according to their blog, grew from 50 subscribers to over 200,000 during that years time.  I am all for supporting the young independent entrepreneur!


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