New Opportunity at Work

Yesterday the acting Inspector in Charge of my group (Michele) asked me if I'd be willing to be detailed to another part of the group for a couple of months.  I've been working with the Communications Unit since I took the job back in November 2011.  I've primarily been working Congressional Outreach and acting as a liaison with Postal Government Relations and other law enforcement and government agencies.  I enjoy what I do, but often feel like I'd be a better fit there if I was more creative.

Michele knows that I'm in school working on my Masters in Library and Information Science.  The detail would be on the Analytics side of the group.  She said one of the areas she'd like me to work on is documenting how various projects are carried out.  Someone recently left the Analytics Unit, and once they were gone, I think everyone realized that no one really knew how he did what he did.

She talked about wanting me to work with the inspector who currently does Compliance Reviews.  He's been doing them for a very long time, and will reach mandatory retirement age later this year.  I think there are some concerns that the knowledge he has will go with him if it isn't documented prior to him leaving.  There is also a vision for the Analytics Unit to ramp up the use of intelligence data to identify areas where divisions should concentrate their resources.  It all sounds very exciting, and I told Michele I'd like to do the detail as long as my current boss was OK with it.  She told me it could start as soon as this coming week.  I will hopefully learn more on Monday.


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