April - Family Visit

Mom and Sid came to visit last weekend.  We had a wonderful time exploring a few places we hadn't been before.  One day we went to the Georgetown Waterfront Park.  I've driven by it before when I've ended up on the wrong street trying to get through Georgetown, but never stopped.  It's a really neat little park.
Sid and mom at Georgetown Waterfront Park
Rowers on the river

Sundial with our shadows!

Another day we visited the National Arboretum in NE DC.  It was so beautiful there.  If we had planned better we would have taken a picnic lunch.  Next time we definitely will! 

There are various gardens spread throughout the park.  I think my favorite was the National Bonsai Museum.  I've never seem that many bonsai trees in one place before, and some of there were huge! 

The day before they left we went to the Tidal Basin to see the cherry trees.  Unfortunately, the trees were still a ways from peak bloom and it was pretty darn windy.  But that didn't put a damper on our spirits because we were in great company!


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