Lincoln Memorial & Wildlife Photographs at Natural History Museum

Today Sid's son Adam and a group of kids his age were dancing in the DC Clogging and Dance Expo at the Lincoln Memorial.  We got caught in traffic on I-395 going into town, and JUST missed seeing his group dance.  We bascially got there to see them walk of the "stage".  We did manage to be there for the picture taking on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial though!  Tomorrow the group is going to be in the 4th of July parade.  Adam plans to join us for the rest of mom and Sid's stay with me.  We're going to watch the fireworks from the National Mall on the 4th.

Adam and his group at the Clogging and Dance Expo in DC

After we left the Lincoln Memorial, we headed over to the Natural History Museum and the special exhibit of wildlife photos they have there. I especially enjoyed one of a harbor seal and one of a red fox.

I've got to get that digital SLR I own out of the closet and use it more!


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