Saturday - Christmas tree up!

Today started out productive, then I turned into a slug, then it got productive again!  I decided to run a few errands this morning trying to beat the traffic.  I ended up buying a 6 foot Christmas tree.  I had donated my previous tree to Goodwill before I left Tampa.  It was really bigger than I wanted to deal with by myself.  The tree I got today is the PERFECT size for one person (with one cat's help!) to put up. 

Even with Dublin's help, I was able to get the tree up and am happy to report it is still standing, albeit short an ornament or two that I will have to round up and put back on (this seems to be an neverending saga!). 

I pulled all the boxes of books out of the guest bedroom walk in closet in anticipation of the arrival of the new bookcases, although that won't be till after the first of the new year.  But I wanted to get the plastic storage bins of stuff I want to store in the closet in the closet instead of sitting around the apartment.  Now the stuff I want in the closet is in the closet, and the books are out and waiting to be unpacked! 

I hung two pictures to go along with the wall clock I hung earlier this week.  I plan to hang the rest of the pictures tomorrow if I can stay motivated!  Then I can hopefully get some additional pictures of the apartment posted.  I think this apartment is the perfect size for me, and I love the lay out.  The guest bedroom and bath are in their own "wing" separate from the main living area and my bedroom.  Now I just need a few guests to put it to good use!


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