Fun with the Kids

This evening has been nice and quiet.  I've been reading and hanging out with the kids.  Pepper finally became interested in the stocking she got for Christmas.  She was chasing it all over the living room floor!  She pushed it under the coffee table and then was going from side to side looking like she was trying to figure out how to get it out.

Dublin has surprisingly been kind of quiet.  I hope he's not coming down with some sort of kitty cold and feeling under the weather.  When I was eating supper, he was hanging out under my reindeer.  And no, I didn't pose him there....he got in that position all on his own. 
I was looking at the TV Guide and saw that The Thin Man is coming on this evening.  It's one of favorite movies, so I'll probably watch it.  Myrna Loy and William Powell have such great chemistry together as Nick and Nora Charles.  I still laugh out loud when I watch their movies together!  Mystery and comedy all rolled into one.  A great combination!


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