Trip to the VA DMV

Today I visited a local branch of the Virgina Department of Motor Vehicles to apply for my new driver's license and car tags/registration.  There was a wait, but I had reading material and my iPad, so I was prepared.  I felt bad for the nice young lady who ended up taking care of me when she commented about how pleasant it was dealing with me.  I take it quite a few of the people who show up at the DMV show up with a bad attitude that is pretty evident.  I didn't the think experience was bad at all.

From the DMV, it was off to the Great Harvest Bread Company in Alexandria.  I got a blackberry cream cheese scone for later, then stopped at a service station practically right next door to have the required safety and security inspections done on my vehicle.  After the Pilot passed with flying colors, I visited a nearby Honda dealership to get a mount for a front tag.  I've never had to have one of those before!  Brian in service was very kind and had one of his guys put it on for me (tags too!) free of charge!  I am official now with regards to car and temporary driver's permit.  They mail your license to you in about a week, which I thought was a bit odd.  Oh, well....when in Rome!

Dublin has been helping me with getting organized.  Well, I guess supervising might be a better word!  I'm not sure what I'd do without him!


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